Beginner freediver (AIDA 2)

This course teaches you the fundamentals of freediving, you will get the comprehensive technique to freedive in a safe way, the foundation in your freediving journey. More than just your technique, you will also learn how to buddy other freedivers and to conduct rescue in terms of emergency.

Course duration

2.5 days

Who should join

Anyone even if you have no knowledge about freediving

Course schedule

Prior to the beginning of the course a digital manual in pdf format will be sent to you for your study.

day 1

  • theory session – physiology behind breath holding, relaxation exercises
  • confined water session 1 – relaxation exercises, static apnea, static buddying and static rescue exercise
  • open water session 1 – free immersion to practice relaxation and equalization; duck diving

day 2

  • confined water session 2 – dynamic apnea, focusing on proper body position, and finning technique
  • open water session 2 – constant weight, rescue exercise, buddying
  • written exam

day 3

  • open water session 3 – constant weight, buddying. This session will focus on fine tuning all the techniques


300 US$


  • AIDA 2 Freediver Certification
  • Course insurance
  • Manual in PDF